July 2, 2015

Aesop Daily Skincare Review

Aesop Daily Routine Beauty Review

We all know that facing the daily struggle of getting out of bed on cold mornings is an unforgiving routine. But whilst keeping up with the rise and grind is a challenge in itself, the process of keeping skin healthy in different seasons is a whole other endeavor.

Having naturally sensitive skin, the harsh winter winds and intense office heating has brought on a new level of skin ailments that have left my eyes and cheeks dry and flaky.
After visiting a trusty Aesop store, I was introduced to a skincare regimen specifically designed to combat my seasonal skin issues. Although I’m not usually one to split my routine into a day and night process, the effect that the contrasting conditions has had on the skin has truly left me no choice.

To help those that may be experiencing similar problems, I thought I’d share my new skincare routine I’ve adopted for winter.

Aesop Daily Routine Beauty Review


Aesop B&T Toner
Just before I put on my make up, I like to give my face a well-rounded wipe using the Aesop’s B&T Toner. This helps to further get rid of any impurities and buildup that may have been left on the skin overnight.

Elemental Facial Barrier Cream
To help beat the harsh conditions this winter, I’ve entrusted in the help Aesop’s latest product – the Elemental Facial Barrier Cream. Among all the products, the Elemental Facial Barrier Cream is the most rich and nourishing. It’s designed for dry and sensitive skin problems that arise around the colder seasons. After only 3 days, I have surprisingly already noticed huge improvements on my skin. SO good.

Aesop Daily Routine Beauty Review


Aesop Remove Eye Make up Remover and Fabulous Face Cleanser
After a long day, I mix two drops of the Remove Grapeseed Oil and Fabulous Face Cleanser to remove and wash away my makeup and impurities.

The remove grapeseed oil is one of the best and most gentle makeup removers I’ve ever used. It’s an amazing product that’s known to rid of even the most stubborn makeup – all without irritation or requiring too much effort. For intensive eye makeup removal, I recommend rubbing 3-4 drops around on your fingertips and gently massaging around your eyes before washing it off with a cleanser.

The Fabulous Face Cleanser is a total favourite of mine and have been religiously using it for the last year. They say you’re meant to switch products every so often because skin tends to get attuned to the product; but for me, the Fabulous Face Cleanser is still performs perfectly and is as fabulous as ever. The gentle cleanser does a great job of washing away dirt and makeup, leaving my skin fresh and rejuvenated.

Aesop B&T Toner and Camelia Nut Cream
My nightly routine is finished off with a good work through of the B&T toner and the Camellia Nut Cream. The toner helps to help tighten the pores and gives the skin an extra bit of dewy goodness, whilst the Camelia Nut cream provides extra hydration to help battle the stress of winter conditions.

Aesop Daily Routine Beauty Review

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