November 2, 2015


Blooms - Spring Fashion Trends | Death by Luxe

Blooms | Death by Luxe

With spring well and truly settled in and summer coming right around the corner, one of the hardest tasks I often dread is transitioning my closest from fur jackets to shorts and dresses.

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer vibes and warm nights, but I can’t deny that I gravitate more towards jeans and a warm jacket. Although there’s only a month left of spring, the last two months didn’t really warrant drastic changes in what I wore thanks to Melbourne’s sporadic climate.

Now that summer is a looming, the ‘I have nothing to wear’ mentality is already kicking in. In all honestly though, I have nothing to wear. Besides my summer basics, I literally have a closet full of jackets with little to no summer wear in sight. In an ideal world, one would just go on an insane spending spree to acquire more weather appropriate clothing. In my situation, life responsibilities such as mortgages and bills unfortunately come before such splurges.

This outfit is a result of mixing and matching existing pieces I’ve thrown in my closet over the years. Gone are the days when packages from online shopping were more regular than my excessive snacking – it’s now all about spreadsheet budgets and nagging my boy for overpriced furniture. I think I’ve officially grown up guys!


Blooms | Death by Luxe
Blooms | Death by Luxe

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