December 7, 2015

Casual Weekends X Boden

Casual Weekends X Boden | Death by Luxe

Death by Luxe x Boden Clothing

Contrary to a normal 20 something year old, my weekends unfortunately rarely compromise of spending hours on end readying myself for a night out catching up with friends. Rather, this old soul is busy running around desperately trying to get a wedding and a new house organised.

Unfortunately, having multiple things going at once means that the luxuries of sleeping in until afternoon and having endless hours of day to burn aren’t on the cards for me – my days are literally spent constantly sourcing and organising. As boring and stressful as it sounds, it makes me appreciate the downtime I do get to spend with my boy.

I must admit that living a hectic lifestyle isn’t easy to juggle – it’s why I always plan go-to weekend outfits that I can easily throw on. I definitely outfit repeat way too much but when time is of the essence, an outfit that works is all that really matters.

This outfit literally sums my weekend self. A comfortable boyfriend jersey top, black skinny jeans and oversized cardi is what I always gravitate towards when I have a million errands to run during the day and have a casual date night in the evening. Nothing really beats comfort hey?

This outfit was courtesy of the team at Boden Clothing. Cardigan and accessories excluded.

Death by Luxe x Boden Clothing
Death by Luxe x Boden Clothing
Death by Luxe x Boden Clothing

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