February 9, 2015


Valentines' Day Outfit and Beauty Inspiration | Death by Luxe

Slowly looming closer to date, it’s nearly that time of year when the world comes together to celebrate and recognise the oxytocin fueled feeling most commonly known as love.

Valentine’s Day – a day when ladies assure their other half that they only need another ‘5 minutes’ to get ready, and when men inwardly groan at the thought of sacrificing an obscene amount of funds for a romantic date. But alas, the tradition remains a long running custom year in year out, making one wonder when men will eventually run out of romantic notions to pursue, and when women will actually only take that extra 5 minutes.

Although it’s a day that’s been capitalized by retailers and restaurants alike, ain’t nothing like being treated to an intimate meal and feeling that extra bit appreciated by your other half.

In the simplest form, Valentine’s Day is like chocolate cake; you enjoy it in the moment, appreciate all of it’s sweet glory and let your senses run wild- just because. So to get you into the mood for the upcoming chocolate cake festivity, we got the ball rolling and made a culmination of date worthy items that will get you lookin’ gorg while you get your chocolate on.

This year, we opted for neutral pieces, loud accessories and bold lips; an understated and minimalistic look that’s accentuated by the busy jewelry, the pop of lip colour and of course, your eye candy of a face. The whole set-up is designed to emit an effortless yet well-executed balance; it’s made to portray a sense of ‘I didn’t try too hard, but I still look good’ kinda vibe. But isn’t that the aim of every outfit ever? Just don’t get cake on your dress.

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