May 17, 2015

Grey Daze

Grey Daze Winter Edit

You know winter is well and truly on its way when leaving the heavenly surrounds of your feathered comforter is almost as painful as being denied your favourite dessert. But what if you could replicate that exact same feeling of comfort in the form of clothing?

For us, facing the assault of Melbourne’s temperamental bursts of rain, hail and shine is our everyday reality. Like any other sane human, we’d prefer to stay in bed but Jay-Z has adamantly advised us to get rich or die trying.

To compromise for the efforts we exert in getting out of bed, dropping some serious bucks on a staple winter coat is our way of making it worth it. Think about it – if you have to get out of bed in such unfavorable conditions, you should have a damned good reason to.

For this upcoming winter, we chose a staple grey coat as that reason. Although it may come at a costly price, a coat that’s most likely going to be on high rotation should be one that’s going to last the distance. Most importantly, it should be a piece that makes a statement – because let’s get serious here, underneath that perfect coat, we’ll probably be wearing a questionable ensemble that may or may not be pajamas.

So if you want a piece of clothing that makes you look effortlessly put together, and keeps you in a sleep-like trance, we suggest you start saving some coin for a drool worthy coat. While you’re at it, might as well add some accessories to compliment the coat – because you can never just buy one thing.


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