April 20, 2015

City High

May The Label Leopard Sweater Dress

May the Label Leopard Print Sweater Dress
May the Label Leopard Print Sweater Dress
May the Label Leopard Print Sweater Dress

You know that feeling you get when you receive a warm cuddle or consume a satisfying meal? That’s the exact same feeling I get when I come across a great sale.

But after that initial fleeting moment of satisfaction, a sale is like a rollercoaster ride you regret ever getting on; it starts off as exciting but goes on to turn you into a frantic desperate animal that cannot be tamed until it ends.

In this case, the purchase of this sweater dress is prime example of such struggles. A while back, The Birdcage Boutique had a massive sale that included amazing Australian brands to the likes of Cameo, Jaggar the Label and The Fifth. Though I managed to scored some key pieces, it didn’t come without its perils.

See the issue that drove me to the ends of my desperation was that the site kept constantly crashing- and it was crashing for days. If you’ve ever known the feeling of needing to shop like the life of your closet depended on it, I feel you because I was at that point. Of course the only logical thing left to do was to standby a computer at all times and refresh like a mad woman.

In the end, my persistence paid off and I was granted the freedom to do some real damage on my card. I have to say though, this leopard print sweater dress from May the Label was one of the few items I was excited to bag. Paired simply with my thigh high boots (real leather for only $100 might I add), I think I’ve done my closet great justice by adding this staple piece that will serve well during gloomy winter days.

Now to go on a sale hunt for an oversized grey coat….


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