July 7, 2016

Layer Up


Winter hath come.

With the chilly winds closing in on Melbourne’s skies, it’s finally time for me to relish in the art of hermitting.


[noun | her·mit | \ˈhər-mət\]

1. one that retires from society and lives in solitude
2. a spiced molasses cookie

I don’t know about you but being a spiced molasses cookie for the rest of winter doesn’t sound like a bad deal. And as tantilising as it may be to escape for the winter over to sunshine in Tuscany or Santorini, there’s simple no scope for it right now. Perhaps next year once 2016 decides to find some chill and let me actually have a break for once.

On the flip side, I absolutely love winter. I’ve always been one for couches and blankets, warm cups of tea and I find no better
Summer to me speaks of sweating, sunburn and diets – give me rain any day of the week (as long as I get to be indoors).

So having said that it’s time to get rugged up. Layering is such a fun way to mix and match your wardrobe to full all your transeasonal pieces and keep your winter looking fresh. Layering a sweater dress over a feminene skirt and high boots still gives you a soft spring in your step feel but remove the skirt for a hard-edge look, exuding those Melbourne winter grey/black vibes.







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