July 23, 2015



Shiver | Death by Luxe
Shiver | Death by Luxe
Shiver | Death by Luxe

It might be a bit of an exaggeration but this outfit literally encompasses the necessary measures it takes to stay warm during Melbourne winter.

Every morning, the only thing I think about is how I can possibly get out of bed – without feeling like I’m getting out of bed… you feels? When I found this coat online, I assured myself that all my problems would be solved if I bought it. Naturally, I was right. Sort of.

A while back, I was discussing how certain pieces of clothing can only be worn occasionally before people around you start to notice that your outfit repeat game is way too strong. Due to the oversized nature of this coat, it’s hard not to notice a small girl being swallowed up in a layer of thick, woolen fabric. For this reason alone, I decided this coat definitely belonged in the ‘wear sparingly’ pile.

As much as I would love to wake up and hide my pajamas underneath this blanket and drag my half-conscious self to work, it would not only be socially unacceptable, it would also earn me way too much silent judgement. The solution? Wear it only on the most CBF of days and pass it off as ‘fashion’ by classifying it as ‘oversized’. OK, it may be next level oversized, but hey – it’s warm.

Despite all its negatives, I know I’ve stayed true to my distinct fashion sense and made the right choice in buying this coat when my partner says I look ridiculous and he hates what I’m wearing. Mission accomplished.


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