February 26, 2015

Strange Birds

Jaggar the Label Cape and Zara Shorts

cape-goldtop-14Jaggar the Label Cape and Zara ShortsJaggar the Label Cape and Zara Shorts


Have you ever come across something so trippy, it played with the depths of your mind? It’s exactly what the structure of this cape/ jacket did to me.

As an avid online shopper, solely for the purpose of avoiding crowds and splurging on impulsive retail purchases, I would definitely consider myself a pro at sifting through hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of items listed on my favourite websites. The process of elimination is a true art form; it requires skill, precision, efficiency, imagination and of course, an eye for detail. My point is that contrary to popular belief, online shopping is a talent in itself- or so I tell myself.

So when I came across this cape like jacket, or jacket like cape- which ever you see fit, I kind of second guessed my imagination skills. How would I even wear this? Is it socially acceptable to confuse people with your clothing? Is it even something worth spending money on?. True to form, I dismissed all my burning life questions and deemed dressing like a caped villain more important than my initial reservations. Priorities, people, priorities.

For those of you still confused about the subject of conversation, it’s really only a jacket with arm holes at the front instead of at the sides. Is it a jacket? Is it a cape? No it’s both; cape from the front, jacket from the back. A bipolar, two-faced piece of material. Genius.

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