February 2, 2015

Are you Phar-real? Not Another Blog.

Introducing Annie and Kristel

Hi! Welcome to Death by Luxe.

First and foremost, introductions are in order.

If you’ve already sussed out a little bit about us, you’re already ahead of the pack! But for those as curious as the next, our names are Annie & Kristel and we’re the duo behind Death by Luxe.

Our story?

In similar fashion to Pharrell’s widely clapped along proclamation of being ‘happy’ to the extent of metaphorically identifying with a space that is boundless; that is, a room without a roof – we have them exact same feels about Death by Luxe. We are ecstatic that we’ve finally launched a project that we can exhibit our creative ideas in and revel in the endless possibilities that may unfold.

So to address the initial question we proposed as the title of our first post, we are in fact for real – but we don’t see ourselves being just another blog.

What direction are we headed? That’s like asking if one would rather have a burger or pizza – it’s essentially a constant battle that you consider to and fro, and in the end, the answer is almost always based off what you feel like in the moment, or in our case, simply uncertain (though we would easily choose both food options if we’re talking real life scenarios).

But instead of pondering what may be, let’s start with right now. We thought you’d like to get to know us, so here’s our mini plug:

Meet Annie

Meet Annie

How do I spin this the best possible way to make myself sound interesting? I kid. Truthfully I’m a bit of a wallflower who just likes to spend most of any available down time venturing into something creative whether it be drawing, painting or in this case – photography and blogging.

I feel like I connect with almost anyone over food, because well let’s be honest, the belly rules the mind. If you enjoy food, we would become instant BFFs.

My style? I love a good tailored blazer, midi skirts and I absolutely cannot walk past a pair of black boots without glancing twice.

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of blogging and creating for the world to see but it wasn’t until meeting Kristel where everything could come into fruition. I’m a major introvert for now, but I’m sure with our newly formed internet friendships, we’ll all learn more along the way.

Now as we begin our journey, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Meet Kristel

For starters, soy latte’s are my jam and I love food (note that ‘love’ is exemplified with both bold AND italics).

But to be honest, I’m not all that interesting and definitely not as talented as my blogging counterpart. I’ve previously ventured into blogging solo but never really laid roots. The experience was simultaneously daunting and exhilarating, but despite closing that chapter, bigger and better things are now in place in the form of Death by Luxe.

My style is really just a mixture of casual and structured pieces that I match in fluke. Nothing more.

Personally, I’m just a happy-go-lucky type of girl but I tend to do the wrong things in excess; I spend too much, I eat too much and I talk too much- but I would say its a true manifestation of living in the moment, because YOLO, I have FOMO. Brunch date anyone?

Meet Kristel

So with that, we invite you to clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.

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