February 2, 2015

In the Summertime

Fashion, Inspiration
Summer Moodboard Curated by Death by Luxe

There’s something about Australian summers that seem to always leave one nostalgic of its good vibes and relaxed way of life in the colder seasonal months. But if we’re really going to get into talking about the weather, let’s talk about the sporadic climate that Melbourne seems to have claimed as its defining element.

Much like how LA has called dibs on the ‘endless summer’ notion, Melbourne has proved itself worthy of gaining the ‘four season’s in one day’ label. So when Melbourne produces the goods in the weather department, everyone celebrates the sun that little bit harder, because there’s something magical about 9pm sunsets, late night beach escapes and having the freedom to over indulge in ice cream all day, everyday.

So to pay tribute to the casual Australian summer, we’ve compiled a series of basic essentials that channel those summer vibes. Naturally we opted for easy hybrid pieces suitable for beach dates or lounge hangs, minimalistic accessories to compliment the effortless get-up, and an easy half top knot to complete the look. I mean, you can literally be out the door in a matter of minutes and claim that you ‘woke up like this’, win!.

x A&K

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