March 2, 2015

Travel Essentials: Beach Babes

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Travel Essential: Beach Babe

Like any 9-5 working mortal, the physical and mental torture of having to report for duty on a Monday morning after having a taste of sweet weekend freedom is something we know too well.

Our robotic routine of checking inboxes, planning out the work week and then dragging our zombie like bodies to our usual cafe is our reminder of yet another weekend gone and past. Now, when we say zombie, we’re not referring to the brain-feasting beings from The Walking Dead. We mean the kind of zombies with no hand-eye coordination and constant unexplainable actions as a result of what is known as “brain-farts”.

Naturally, to escape the void of lackluster Mondays, or weekdays in general, we took the smart route and booked holidays with our annoying – but mostly funny, boyfriends.

Of course, once a holiday is booked, one needs to prepare for impending travels with a massive shopping list of holiday essentials. And because we have boys in tow, we thought we should extend the courtesy.

So with a Fiji trip planned in coming weeks, we present to you travel essential for beach babes.

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