April 10, 2016

Death by Luxe Turns One!


Wow we can’t believe it’s already been over year.

So, OK we may have slightly missed the mark, but amongst all the craziness of life offline we’ve just realised that our dearest little blog has turned one.

We never could have imagined what the last year held for us – like both of us getting engaged a week apart, going on overseas adventures and jumping on the mortgage bandwagon. It honestly seems like all the life milestones we were supposed to hit over a space of a few years all happened in one hectic, whirlwind of a year.

Of course, in the midst of juggling full time work, wedding planning and other life commitments, time just seems to pass like an endless blur. Not to say that this busy lifestyle will stop anytime soon with smaller second wedding celebrations, honeymoons and moving out of home to be tackled, but we thought we would take some time out to just give this little baby a little love while we can.

What is most mind boggling to both of us is probably the timing of all these events; we are literally almost in perfect sync with our timelines, hence the double struggle in trying to find a spare second or two. Despite the hecticness of both our lives, we still definitely love this little blog of ours.

It’s been a wild year so far and we both can’t wait to see where we, and Death by Luxe, will be next year. Until then, we’re so excited to share some amazing wedding content in the coming months!

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