October 25, 2015

Hotel Review: Wydown Hotel, St Helena

Wydown Hotel, St Helena

While we loved every moment we spent around New York and LA, Ken and I predetermined that we would be seeking much needed R&R after our wild adventure. In the end, we decided to unwind at in peaceful wine country.

We knew that travelling during the peak of a heavy summer period would be challenging and a feat. Luckily, Ken and I were able to nab one of the twelve rooms at the Wydown Hotel in St Helena, located just a couple of KMs north of Napa Valley.

Before heading down, our friends from NYC mentioned that Napa Valley had become heavily commercialised and fit out for tourist groups – both service and price wise. So we opted for St. Helena, where we were well out the crowds and left to enjoy sweet nothings.

Wydown Hotel was a very welcomed stay; it was a stark contrast from the shoe boxes in NYC and having a buzzing club next to our hotel in in LA. We were greeted with a very sizeable room but the vibe alone helped us take it easy for the next couple of nights to just wine and relax.

Wydown Hotel, St Helena
Wydown Hotel, St Helena

Located within the town centre’s main strip, everything was easily accessible right from the hotel – making it really convenient for us to head out for coffee and pastry runs in the morning and oysters and wine at night. Not forgetting to mention that there’s a mean place that sell amazing bacon and eggs just down the road.

We stayed in a premium room overlooking Main Street and loved every night we got to spend frolicking around the town. The hotel’s atrium exuded understated boldness that makes an amazing first impression.

Best of all, the staff were very friendly and attentive which made the whole experience seamless.

Overall, enjoying St Helena at the Wydown Hotel is a must for anyone swinging by wine country. We really enjoyed our stay at Wyndown and would recommend it to those who want to enjoy a more private trip away from tourist crowds.

Wydown Hotel, St Helena
Wydown Hotel, St Helena

Photos courtesy of the Wydown Hotel

Wydown Hotel

Phone:+1 707-963-5100
Address: 1424 Main St, St Helena, CA 94574
Website: http://www.wydownhotel.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WydownHotel
Instagram: instagram.com/wydownhotel/

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