September 23, 2015

Travel Diary: New York City

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Top of the Rock, New York City

After a whirlwind of excitement and adventures around New York with my other half, I can safely say that I’ve developed a deep love for the city’s wild and tenacious vibe. With something to do around every nook and cranny, New York had a buzz about it that just motivated you to live life to its full potential.

Making the most out of the 10 days we spent frolicking around the city, we hit up the spots we knew we would enjoy most. By far, my favourite highlights and moments include taking a trip to Central Park, wandering through museums, dining at a world class restaurant and of course, purchasing my wedding dress.


Walking through this stunning park that spanned for miles is definitely an experience that will go down as one of my favourite moments. The beautiful lush greenery that starkly contrasted the concrete jungle around its perimeter was nothing like I’ve ever seen before.

In our aimless wander, we bumped into a hidden pergola that looked extremely magical. I can’t help think that this would be a perfect spot for those in NY who need a breather from the hustle and bustle.

Central Park, New York City

Not to mention, since I am also affectionately known as the crazy dog lady, the park was amass with fur babies big and small.

SPEAKEASY – Bathtub Gin, Soho

Accidentally stumbling in this place was a result of our hurried rush to try find a dinner venue. Although we originally have this place down in our list of restaurants to visit, it was a refreshing surprise to say the least.

Confused by the deceptive front of a coffee shop, we were stopped by a burly bouncer who asked if we were looking for Bathtub Gin. Intrigued by his question, we decided to see where this mysterious place would lead us. Following through, he escorted us through the coffee shop and then pulled on the coat hooks on the wall to reveal a sultry prohibitions styled bar in the back. The experience alone was enough to blow our minds. Although this place was a wildcard, they had fantastic tapas and great selection cocktail concoctions – which was a real bonus. We would easily recommend this place to anyone visiting NY.

Bathtub Gin, Chelsea NYC

Photo Courtesy of: New York Inspiration

MUSEUMS – Guggenheim, The Metropolitan Museum and MoMa

Undecided on which museums would be best to visit during our trip, we ultimately settled on hitting up all three; the Guggenheim, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMa.

Each museum portrayed distinct pieces of displays that gave us three amazing, yet diverse experiences. Having the museums within close proximity to one another also really helped save us travelling time. Looking back, we would have definitely regretted it if we hadn’t gone to all three – I’m so glad we made a conscious effort to make it all happen.

Word of warning: The MET is no one-day feat – we were clearly mistaken and taken for a ride.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC


After numerous appointments at various bridal stores (including Kleinfeld), I ended up purchasing my dress from Lovely Bride. For anyone thinking thinking of venturing out in that direction, the staff at Lovely Bride were so friendly and helped me pick my perfect dress, for my perfect day.

With shipping and handling all sorted, I can’t wait until it arrives in my end of the world!

Also have to give a massive shoutout to my best friend and maid of honour who trekked all the way to the States to be by my side during my whole bridal experience #friendshipgoals.


This show was fantastically funny! It was well directed and executed, with plot twists and suspenseful moments that left the audience at the edge of their seats – or better yet, in a fit of laughter. My ribs were honestly hurting by the end of the show from the abdominal exercise my body succumbed to.

For anyone considering it, it is definitely worth the dollar bills. If you can’t make it to NYC, they’re coming to Melbourne in 2017!

Fancy Feasting – ELEVEN AT MADISON

I know for certain I will not have another culinary experience like this. They clearly demonstrate and encapsulate why they hold the title for the 5th best restaurant in the world. From food to hospitality – everything was phenomenal.

Full food review for Eleven at Madison to come!

Times Square, NYC


Doubletree Hilton on Lexington

This was our first mystery hotel and will most likely be our last. Being the avid planner that I am, I made sure our itinerary was all set before we left. But during the planning stages, I decided it would be nice to just have an element of surprise.

This hotel was clearly a business hotel with very thin walls and a poor floorplan. Our room was next to the elevator and had to bear the sound of the lift shafts constantly going up and down. After a long day of activities, it’s the last thing we wanted to come back to.

I would recommend to avoid this hotel – your money can be better spent elsewhere.

Hudson New York

Contrary to the Hilton, Hudson New York exuded great vibes and had an awesome rooftop bar where we could take a load off and down a few. Although the hotel isn’t closely located to the subway and the rooms were a touch small for two people, we still pleasantly enjoyed our stay.

We give this one a thumbs up and would recommend to anyone travelling to NY.

View from Hudson New York Rooftop Bar

View from Hudson New York Rooftop Bar

Tips and Learnings from Visiting NYC

  • Get a $30USD Subway Card. Unlimited Subway rides for 7 days who can complain
  • Being internet-less is hard. We bought a $80USD unlimited data/call SIM from T-Mobile that was our saviour
  • If you have data, Google Maps is the best place for Subway instructions
  • It’s a walking city – bring comfortable walking shoes
  • There is always something to do, and somewhere to eat

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