January 18, 2016

Travel Diary: Sequoia and Yosemite Park

Death by Luxe x Yosemite Park



Quite like nothing we’ve ever seen before, Sequoia and Yosemite were one of those places that effortlessly took your breath away.

Starting our road trip from LA, we headed Sequoia first. Thanks to our inaccurate GPS and our lack of coordinating skills, we were forced to take the road less travelled. We ended up driving through tiny windy roads next to a cliff side – which of course were nothing short of terrifying. Once we finally reached Sequoia, it was absolutely beautiful. The giant redwood trees were truly a sight worth seeing.

On the way to the States, my head was full of clouded business thoughts that I unfortunately couldn’t seem to shake off. However, whilst being amongst these giant feats of nature, everyday problems just seemed so insignificant. There’s something about being around the calm of nature that really helps to put everything back into perspective; it almost forces you to take a step back.

After a couple of hours of exploring the redwoods, we jumped back into the car and ventured on a 2.5 hour drive to Yosemite. Yosemite was insanely perfect. The park was so vast that everything within its surround was simply spectacular. At 9,000 feet above sea level, the altitude made it a bit difficult to breathe – I guess one could say that Yosemite was truly breathtaking?

Our favourite highlight of Yosemite was this natural lake that was cradled by the surrounding forests and trees. The incredibly vast valleys also showed off phenomenal views the left us in pure awe.

If you’re ever down the West Coast, I highly recommend driving out to visit both Sequoia and Yosemite. It definitely beats the life draining LA traffic and same ol’ shopping centres!




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