Best romantic spots in Paris

There is no city that is more romantic than Paris, even if people tell you that they have been to a more romantic place. That just means that they haven’t experience Paris in the best way and visited all the amazing romantic spots there are. An escort Paris will help you do this if you ever decide to go on a trip there and take you to these spots. But you can read about those here and then surprise her with taking her there. Escorts love to be surprised and treated as real girlfriends that you care about and don’t just want to sleep with them. But you shouldn’t forget to do that, because they will give you some of the best adult experience there is.

Where to go?

You should know first that not all of these place are good to take escorts to, because some of them are more about love, like the love bridge. You have heard of this, for sure, it is a bridge where you can put a lock on the fence and throw the key in the river, to showcase your eternal love. There is also the romantic Isle of the Temple of love where you can by a boat and see not only the temple, but also the beautiful caves on the isle. This is one of the best places to fall in love with someone or to simply spend a nice afternoon and get to better know each other.

If you have ever seen the movie Lady and the Tramp, then you will know that there are amazing little restaurants in hidden alleys all over the city. An escort Paris that can find on the website 6annonce will be more than delighted to go there with you. One of those is the hidden passage at the number 59 on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine. This one is hidden in the 11th arrondissement, which is undoubtedly the most romantic part of the city.

Experience Paris with your lady

If you want to be more mainstream, then you should go to the Eiffel Tower during night, with your escort Paris, of course and just lay on the grass and talk. This might be the most romantic part of your trip, especially if you don’t have that much time to enjoy other attractions.

You can even take a ride with a vintage Citroen around the most amazing locations in the city, especially during a summer evening. If we suggest to you to go to a cemetery to enjoy some romantic time with you escort Paris, you might think that is just a joke, but hear us out. The Pere Lachaise is one of the most beautiful cemeteries there is and it is a great place to enjoy during a spring day.

It shows you and your escorts how life is short and that you should enjoy it as much as you can while you walk along paths covered with flowers petals and surrounded by beautiful scenery. You see now that Paris is quite fascinating, but not only the locations are romantic, the whole city has a certain charm that you simply cannot deny.